Team Bench Staff

Head Coach: Jamie Arcand, 11th season |  (C) 705-917-3970  E-mail
Assistant Coach (Forwards): Jason Hinze, 10th season  |  (C)705-875-5672  Email
Assistant Coach (Defense): Ethan McDougal, 2nd season
Assistant Coach (Defense): Terry Walton, 2nd season
Goalie Coach: Colin Caley
Equipment Manager: Kevin Hurley
General Manager: Nick O'Brien  |  (C) 705-716-3103  E-mail
Assistant General Manager: Seamus McDougal
Trainer 1:  TBD - Contact Jamie or Nick if you are interested in this position.
Trainer 2:  TBD - Contact Jamie or Nick if you are interested in this position.

Executive, Team Positions, Directors & Game Day Volunteers

Executive & Team Positions:

President/Governor: Don Dunford : 705-654-4875 (H) 705-931-0293 (C) Email -

General Manager/Alt. Governor: Nick O'Brien : 705-716-3103 (C) Email -

Assistant General Manager: Seamus McDougall

Director of Sponsorship: George Ripoll : 705-872-2249 (C) Email -

Director of Recruiting/Operations: Terry Walton

Treasurer: Jennifer Arcand

Secretary: Debbie Thompson : 705-760-1564 (C)  Email -

Video Coordinator/Scout:  TBD

Social Media Coordinator/Statistics:  James Lingard : 705-868-1365 (C) Email -


Ron Russelle, Don Dunford, Debbie Thompson, Jeff Voyer,

Game Day Volunteers  

Don Dunford, Ron Russelle, Wendy Turcotte. Jeff Voyer, Bill, Bob Webb


Jeff Voyer


Bob Webb, Bill



PA Announcer:

Murray Henderson

Honorary Lifetime Members:

Harold "Kit" Carson, Terry Dunford (2013), Sam Ferreri (2015)

To become a volunteer with the Chiefs organization please contact either Don Dunford or Nick O'Brien